The start of the new decade is a time of positive change and new opportunity. Is your company aiming to reduce energy costs? Reduce its carbon footprint? Become more energy resilient? Now is a great time to make these changes, and Invenergy Edge can help you take smart steps toward sustainability.

Whether you’re considering a renewable energy procurement strategy for the first time or hoping to take your energy management system to the next level, Invenergy Edge can work with you to design, construct, finance and operate customized systems without interrupting your daily operations.

Corporate sustainability initiatives are growing due to consumer, investor and employee pressure in every sector, and 100% renewable electricity or zero-carbon energy programs are often a big part of these initiatives. Commercial and industrial (C&I) energy customers account for approximately two-thirds of the world’s end-use electricity use. In fact, corporate renewable energy purchasing continues to set records, and establishing renewable energy targets is important to meeting consumer expectations and growing your bottom line. The RE100, a global initiative made up of companies publicly committing to 100% renewable electricity, now has over 220 members. Leading consumer brands such as AT&T, Facebook, and Pepsi have committed to clean energy strategies that employ a variety of technologies and sourcing methods, from onsite solar to the purchase of offsite renewable energy or credits.

As companies of all sizes continue to utilize these different approaches to achieve their sustainability goals, how do you determine the right approach for your company?

Set and Exceed Sustainability Targets with Invenergy Edge
While there is ample interest in renewable energy technology, reaching renewable energy targets across a region and at individual sites can be challenging. Companies may not have the resources or in-house experience to implement systems and solutions, and the solutions providers they turn to may have limited offerings and capabilities or may be motivated only to sell in-house lines of equipment.

That’s where Invenergy Edge comes in. Our technology-agnostic approach and team of experts helps customers implement renewable-centered energy solutions tailored to the demands of your business, simplifying the move to a more modern, resilient and cost-effective energy system. Whether purchasing renewable energy from off-site projects or integrating onsite resources like rooftop solar, battery storage, and smart controls—or integrating these into a single solution—we’ll work with you to identify opportunities to improve sustainability performance, establish goals and timelines, and implement and operate the systems.

Not only will you meet and exceed your renewable energy goals, but you will also bolster energy savings and increase site resilience, making for a modern, efficient business that can proudly meet the sustainability commitments valued by consumers now and in the future.

Are you ready to make your sustainability move in 2020? Get started today!

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